Singer-songwriter demos

Using master recording technology, we work with singer songwriters to produce and perfect each aspect of a song.

How it Works

  • Chart each song by the Nashville number system and/or chords
  • Record and comping vocals (singing several times and choosing the best parts of each line) and tuning vocals
  • Record instruments (instruments available in studio or each artist is welcome to bring their own)
  • Bring in professional instrumentalists we’ve worked with over the years (if needed)
  • Editing and tuning vocals to instruments, and the song according to the artist’s satisfaction
  • Finalize and deliver each song according to the artist’s request
"Lance is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure your project is all that it can be. He has tremendous equipment and seems to always give you more studio time than you actually pay for. He puts his all into your project and really cares. "
Curtis Maloney

In-Studio Equipment

DAW/Cakewalk and Melodyne (sonar), Sound Forge 13, iZotope Ozone software, UAD2 Quad card with plugins, Nord Electro 5D custom keyboard, Kemper profiler, Roland TD30 Drums with superior drum software, Manley reference mic, Royer 121 mic, sE Reflexion Filter